Title: "Village House in Winter".

Artist: Ekaterina Santiago

Description: Original. This piece was inspired by a painting I saw at my grandmother's house back in Russia when I was little. I remember an oil painting with a snowed-in tiny little house in the middle of a deep forest in winter. I used a finger painting technique to create a feeling of February blizzard, everything around is getting snowed in. The tiny house is the only safe and warm place to wait for bad weather to pass. The meaning behind this piece to me is that you can be your own little house with a light inside and survive any blizzard in the world around you. As long as you have your light within yourself. Only one available.

Size: 9x12 inch.

Style: Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Unframed, but No framing needed. It has a wire and a hook in the back. 

Village House in Winter - Original, Acrylic finger painting on canvas

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  • My name is Ekaterina Santiago. I was born and raised in small Russian town in the countryside. I started drawing when I was around 5 years old, when I discovered watercolors and color pencils. Right now I mainly work with acrylic and oil paint, as well as charcoal. Nature has always been one of my biggest inspirations. Another big influence is a journey of self-growth, which certainly gets translated into my works. I love using colors to help me to tell my stories. I also often customize my brushes to create different types of strokes and effects. Art for me is a way to connect with people around me and find relations through painting.

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