Title: This Thing is Your Modern Celestial Home I

Artist: Rachel Admas

Size: 12 x12 in

Style: Surrealism

Description: Collage with found paper. Part of a set of six pieces total. Original Art. Only one available.



This Thing is Your Modern Celestial Home I - Original, Surreal Collage

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  • I am Rachel Admas, and I make pretty Things on paper in Seattle, Washington. We all got lucky enough to exist, and that’s pretty spectacular. And none of us really have any idea what we’re doing here being Things That Exist, right? I think that’s spectacular and worth capturing, because that utter confusion and terror lives in all of us at some level. I make Things like collages, photographs, drawings and paintings to honor how nonsensical and perfect and terrifying existing can be. I make Things out of the foolish ecstasy of being lucky enough to exist – to savor the extraordinary bits and find beauty and humor in the mundane and scary and ugly bits. Existing is real neat, and I’m glad we’re both here pretending like we have a clue of what’s going on together.

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