Non Member Basic Exhibition Space.

This is a pay per service option.


Basic Exhibition Space Includes only one side Artist Gridlock Display panels and no marketing

Seattle des Indépendants ~ Celebration Exhibition (Gallery Mack)

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  • 1. Please bring clips to this exhibit to hang artwork as we do not provide them. Depending on the type of art you wish to hang, we suggest purchasing either display panel hooks or clips accordingly. They can be purchased on Amazon. Search terms include:  Gridwall utility hook for gridpanel display


    2. Please arrive a minimum of one hour before the event to set up your exhibition space. There is loading zone parking space available directly in front of the gallery.  


    3. Upon purchasing this option, your space and panels are reserved. For this event, the $120 option means we will be sharing panels with the other artists, you will be either having one full side of 3, 6 foot high x 2 feet panels or two full sides of 2, 6 foot high x 2 feet panels. No wall space will be provided. Please only bring enough work to cover the panel space allotted.


    4. This exhibition is open to the public - that means - bring as many guests as you like! Out of courtesy, we ask that people pre-register on Eventbrite so that we know how much catering to allot for. There is also an option for donations but it is not mandatory. This event is live on

     That being said, donations are recommended as it allows us to sponsor more artists in the future.


    5. Please feel free to start sharing on social media or anywhere you like!


    6. For this event, we are sponsoring disabled veterans free of charge to exhibit with us. If you know of anyone, please send them our way for sponsorship!


    7. Parking garage is across the street from the Gallery.  Street parking is also available.


    8. Paint my Meditation does not guarantee sales or any particular amount of attendees at any of our events. The $120 option opts out of personal maketing. As you have opted out of marketing, we highly encourage marketing the event on your own accord. Please note that you are exhibiting as an independent artist and you are responsible for your own conduct, sales, sales taxes, licensing and insurance for your own property if you so choose. We do not require independent artists to have insurance but we do recommend them to carry it at any public event. 


    9. Most of all, have fun!



    Date and Time

    Sat, July 6, 2019

    12:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT



    Gallery Mack

    2100 Western Avenue

    Seattle, WA 98121


    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time. 

  • No refunds

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