Victor Ramirez, Artist at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art, draws what it’s like to have Autism

We are incredibly proud to announce that Victor Ramirez has been selected as one of our winning participants in our Art in Autism Program. He will be exhibiting live at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art at the Collective on Jan 19th. And his work will be on display in our Art in Autism Exhibit.

Here are a few words from Victor:

My name is Victor Andres Ramirez, I have Autism, and I am a Mexican/American Cartoonist. Since I was a kid, my dream is to become an Animator. I have been inspired to draw comics by watching cartoons and being enamored by them. Some of my inspirations are Drake Brodahl, who is the art director at Disney Television Animation, and Brianne Drouhard, who was a character designer for the Teen Titans TV series and several other shows


As a person with Autism, I am proud that I can help inspire people with disabilities to show that they too can shine and show how wonderful they are. I got my AA diploma in the Digital Media Arts program from Bellevue College in June 2018. I am currently working towards attending DigiPen so that I can improve my skills in the animation field such as storyboarding, character design, 2D animation, and creative storytelling, and hopefully get my Bachelor’s degree.

Check out one of his animatics here!

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