Stunning color, striking success, Nilia Fajardo shares her success story

Mystical Tree alcohol Ink painting by Nilia Fajardo. Sold at Seattle des Independants Exhibition!

Nilia Fajardo exhibited with Paint my Meditation at Seattle Des Independants ~ Celebration and we are delighted to share her experience at the exhibition with our readers.

After seeing her exhibit at Gallery Mack this past July 6th, it was no doubt that she would be joining our collection of success stories!

Nilia's exhibit was an impressive representation of her work. After witnessing her work live, no amount of digital marketing can convey the deep, pure color that grabs the viewers' attention.

Her work is pure, a riot of color and story.

Find Nilia's work for sale here on our site!

And we are happy to convey that Nilia successfully grabbed the attention of new patrons during the exhibition.

Nilia, congratulations on your success, new patrons, and sales.

Photo taken with one of Nilia's new Collectors, Walayn.

Snapshot with a happy new patron, Nitosha.

If you would like to learn more about Nilia Fajardo's unique process, she is currently giving workshops!

Alcohol Ink Workshop

Alcohol Ink workshop is located at Artworks, 10AM-12PM, on July 27th.

Fundamentals of Drawing

Fundamentals of Drawing classes start in August on Thursday afternoons.

Contact for more info.

Missed Nilia's live exhibit?

Her work is available on our website here:

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