September Featured Artist : Aya Maguire

We are so excited to announce Aya Maguire as our Featured artist for the month of September!

Colorado-born Aya Maguire, crafts songs around the idea that music can translate emotion from one mind to another, bypassing the intangible barrier that surrounds each of us.As a visual artist, Aya’s use of the acrylic and watercolor media delve into the dreamlike and sometimes psychedelic world of movement and emotion.

In abstract imagery and in stylized illustrations, Aya explores the cosmic and the unconscious.

The best places to find her art is on her website:ayamaguire.comAnd instagram:@ayamaguireHer music is on Spotify as Aya Maguire: out her inspiring work below – we know you will love it as much as we do!

All artwork above copyright Aya Maguire © and cannot be used without consent from the artist.

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