Plein Aire Painting at Evan's Creek

Thank you to everyone that braved the rain shower weather report and decided to make it out to paint with us!

We had a wonderful time exploring and painting nature together with some naturally talented artists! And even managed to hand out a couple of daisies to some passerby’s.

Optimism for the day:

When in doubt – Go out!

Indeed, toward the end of our painting excursion, drops began to fall. That being said, the dark clouds in contrast with the end of summer grasses creates a heavenly beauty all its own that is worth the experience and the paint. Moreover, the cool breath and the natural, fresh, herbal mist of the skies is a healing experience. Life is short my friends. Make the trip. Experience nature. Experience connections. Experience family.


We worked on color mixing, what we saw in nature and what we felt too! Learning to let go and be free! What we learned surprised all of us! It can be a little scary at first not to follow outlines, but we believe all children are artists. Given a chance to create freely and a little encouragement, slowly they can push their limits and boundaries to reach new creative insights on their own.



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