New Artist? Record Sales! Kristin Reed shares her Success Story.

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Kristin Reed exhibited with Paint my Meditation at Seattle Des Independants ~ Avant Garde Exhibition this year. Despite being her first exhibition, Kristin made quite an impression at the Gallery.

Immediately we noted a gravitational pull around her exhibit. As Kristin's Account Manager, I could hardly believe my eyes when I noted all the "Sold" signs on so many of her pieces. Despite being up on display for only a couple of hours, Kristin managed to sell 6 of her pieces in that short amount of time.

After the slew of sales, the chatter and hi-fives around the gallery continued from Collectors about Kristin's work.

Congratulations Kristin - you deserve the recognition, the new patrons, and the amazing sales!

Here are a few words from Kristin:

Kristin, were you always an artist?

I picked up painting as a fun activity to practice getting out of my overly critical “thinking” mind and into a state of being. Through intuitive painting, I can explore my own inner world, tap into my current present state, and transfer this experience into a visual, physical entity. I never know what a painting is going to be about until it is on canvas, and I love the surprise of seeing what comes out!

What is your goal as an artist?

My main goal is to practice working without judgement or expectation of outcome. I love knowing that on the canvas anything is possible and that there are no mistakes or consequences. It gives me the space to create freely and to intentionally not give voice to my inner critic. This is an ongoing practice for me and some days are more challenging than others, but in the end I always learn a lot about myself simply from trying.

What advice would you give other artists starting out?

I believe we are all naturally curious and creative beings, and I believe our inner critics can keep us living as exceedingly small versions of ourselves. Creativity gives us a means to be bold and free and truly express our inner experiences to the world. The more I practice this in the studio, the more I find it bleeding into other areas of my life. I hope my work inspires others to explore creating freely, and find power in quieting their own inner critic.

What was it like working with Paint my Mediation?

Paint my Meditation is such a wonderful company! They do great work for local artists and for the community as a whole. Personally, I am a self taught artist that always dreamed of showing my work one day but never knew how to get started. Rivkah was so kind and helpful, and made my first showing fun, easy and manageable. I can't wait for their next event! Thank you so much for the work that you do.

If you missed Kristin at the last exhibit, you can purchase her work directly on our site here:

Or: All artwork above Copyright © Kristin Quaid Reed and cannot be used without consent from the artist.

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