Learning to Accept and Appreciate the Moment

"Evan's Tree" Mixed Media © Rivkah Singh

Learning to accept and appreciate the moment.

On the most recent painting trip to Evan’s Creek Preserve, I came upon a gloriously different tree. Branches intertwining in creative directions, this humble tree leaned to a side with it’s branches touching the floor. Offering shade – almost as a little house.

Not having enough time to sketch it fully, I relented and quickly sketched the brief moment I had with the tree.

Not much of a sketch. So here I had two choices; those of being upset in that my watercolor book now contained an incomplete, somewhat arbitrary piece, or that of the excitement I had to finish the picture with my own memory and creative insight.

I’m glad I chose the second option.

Using charcoal, watercolor, and gold paint, I freely enjoyed completing the tree on memory, pushing aside any undo pressure to remain true to what had been in front of me. I had fun deciding where to drop the branches and freely dotted gold paint for leaves. Cross hatching finished off the piece. Overall I enjoyed both moments!

Sometimes, a situation that seems negative, is simply a veiled opportunity.


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