How you can convert your workspace into a museum.

Want a way to keep your employees and clients engaged and give back to the community at the same time? Having trouble deciding on whether to update your workspace and give back to a great cause?

Why not convert your workspace into a museum!

PMM is proud to announce our art rental and installation service. We have curated an outstanding collection of high profile and award winning professional artists to choose from for your business. Our art rental service offers installation and shipping nationwide. But, the best part is, the majority of the funding goes to support Autistic Artists and US Military vets.

Why your workspace needs art.
It's not just therapy to Create Art, Doctors are now Prescribing Visits to Art Museums.

 "Backed by scientific evidence, there are hormones that are secreted upon visiting an art Museum which are the same hormones that increase our wellbeing.  Art has been proven to reduce anxiety and the effects of loneliness"

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And with PMM, Always Ensure a Fresh New Perspective via our Rotating Art Rentals.

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