Fluid Master Artist Debbie Roswell Kappelhoff Exhibiting at Savoir Fair

We are incredibly excited and extend a warm welcome to Debbie Roswell Kappelhoff. Debbie will be exhibiting her work at Savoir Fair October 25th at Gray Sky Gallery.

Debbie defines what it is to work with fluid art. Her work is extraordinary and unique. One can get lost in the abstract, fluid shapes – unleashing the viewers imagination.

What do you see when you gaze at her work? A planet, a galaxy, or some other world?

See Debbie’s work in person at Savoir Fair. Tickets are available now.

Here are a few words from the artist:

I am a relocated Brit currently living in the Pacific Northwest of the US, having previously lived on both sides of the American continent - in Memphis, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Santa Barbara, and residing in Canada and Germany. I was also lucky enough to have travelled extensively around the world as a child. The shapes, colors, and patterns of the different cultures I've encountered over the years shape my thoughts and choices on a daily basis and as I delve into this new world of fluid art, I find myself drawn to these same colors, shapes and patterns to inform my creations. I trained as an elementary school teacher and although I only taught for a few years I believe I managed to enrich my lessons with my worldwide view. Then as a mother of 2 boys I encouraged them to explore their worlds with open eyes. My kids have now entered their late teens, so I have time on my hands and in the last few years have been finding some new things to try - including making homemade soap and acrylic paint pouring. Luckily my family is very supportive of my many creative endeavors. My house is rarely spotless, but I'm a contented mom & wife and motivated artist.


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