Featured Exhibiting Artist, Author, and Illustrator : Doug Keith

We are so fortunate that Doug Keith will be available for both a book signing and exhibition at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art on Jan 19th!

Doug began painting guitars as a hobby in between assignments as a professional children’s book illustrator. The concept for illustrating guitars in various themes provides Doug an opportunity to combine his interests in art and music. He routinely prowls swap meets and thrift stores for used, neglected or damaged guitars to give them new life as art! Doug’s creative guitars feature a variety of subject matter including; rock, blues, fantasy, sports, science fiction and much more. His guitars have been displayed at MoPop, the Paramount Theater, the ACT Theater and local art walks

                                                            You probably recall reading his amazing book, The Storybook Prince or seen his beautiful illustrations in the Book of the Year, “What If” by Regina J. Williams.

I bet your kids really love the Bored book too! If so, bring them by to meet Doug Keith!

Don’t forget your books for the signing.

The amazing thing about Doug is that he is not just a talented author and children’s book illustrator, its worth mentioning again that he also illustrates guitars – so well in fact, that they have been on display at the Paramount theater!

Come see Doug and his work at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art at the Collective.

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