Featured Exhibiting Artist at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art: Tarsha Rockowitz, An Homage to Matisse

If you love the color and patterns inherent within the work of a traditional Matisse, you will love Tarsha Rockowitz.

And she will be exhibiting at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of art at the Collective.

Here are a few words from Tarsha,

“I am awed by the intricate nature of simple things. Shapes, patterns, lines and curves that exist naturally and artificially all around us move me on a gut level. As an artist, I put these colors and lives and patterns into my work because it inspires me and makes me appreciate what it means to be a tiny part of this giant, beautiful world. As a viewer to my art, and art in general, I have to say either it moves you or it moves right through you.”

“I hope you experience the former, but fully respect the latter.”

“An Homage to Matisse: From Print to Paper..”

“After taking a bit of a hiatus from painting to focus on our house remodel and my graphic design business, I had a bit of an epiphany of the influence the Henri Matisse subconsciously had on me. I love playing with shape, color, and pattern, and thought a great way to celebrate that would be to pay tribute to the master of shape and color. With that, I bring you a small collection of Matisse­-inspired imagery and techniques.”

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