Featured Artist Exhibiting at Paint Seattle ~A Night of Art: Zacaffeine

We are quite honored to announce that Zacaffeine will be exhibiting her work at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art at the Collective this Jan 19th from 6 – 10 PM!

Zacaffeine is best known for her expressive oil paintings of boats in abstract forms that capture feelings of the environment.  Her work is not as much about the boats, but what the surrounding landscape is trying to communicate to the viewer.  The boats are as figures captured by the artist in gestures with the environment capturing the place and mood. Companionship, isolation, anger and serenity are common themes in her work.  The artist’s personal technique with oil uses only palette knives and various other tools, but no brushes.  Largely influenced by artist Kim Cogan and teacher/mentor Mark Kang O’Higgins from Gage Academy in Seattle.  Recent exhibition in the “Salmagundi Club in Chelsea” as part of the Coast Guard’s 2018 permanent collection.


All artwork copyright Zacaffeine

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