Exhibiting Artist at Seattle des Indépendants ~ Avant-Garde Exhibition: Lori Russo

We are excited to announce that Lori Russo will be exhibiting her breathtaking seascapes with us at Seattle Des Independants on April 4th.

Originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, Lori moved to WA state 14 years ago where she continues to reside.  Living on Vancouver Island from an early age, always surrounded by the ocean, Lori expressed to us that ” I was always drawn to it – like a continuous gravity pull. I found I was happiest by the beach, hearing the powerful, soul cleansing roar of the waves.”

Remarkably, Lori is a self-taught artist whose journey began only in October 2017 painting on glass using acrylics. Realizing that painting was her passion, she ventured into painting on canvas and wood and trying new techniques. She also enjoy using acrylic pour techniques where the end result is never the same and always has the element of surprise for her.

According to Lori, ” I continue to learn and grow with each creation and all the different techniques the world of art brings.”

“My work reflects my passion for the ocean, and the beauty of the seascape that surrounds it. Painting mostly from memory, and the inspiration I pull from it, I find it magical and mysterious. For me, the Ocean stirs the heart, inspires imagination, and brings joy to the soul. Art at its core should make you feel something. Painting makes my soul happy and if my artwork can have that same effect on the viewer, then I have succeeded as an artist. “

Interested in learning more about Lori? You can find her and purchase her work at the Exhibition on April 4th in Person or via the links below:




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