Exhibiting Artist at Seattle des Indépendants Celebration: Rebecca Meloy

Updated: May 30, 2019

Fir Grove From the ‘Spirit of Place" Port Townsend Series Oil on canvas, framed 19” x 22” $1500

Rebecca Meloy Bellingham, WA Painter / Printer

Alice in wonderland. To describe Rebecca’s work is to describe an adventure. As a collector or a curator, you will find yourself lost in Rebecca’s work. She is a prolific and masterful artist and to sift through her work is to become lost in thought, dreams, and to know what it means to be inspired.

We are ecstatic to have followed the trail of art and capture Alice’s rabbit! In other words, we are excited to announce that Rebecca will be exhibiting her work at Seattle Des Independants Celebration at Gallery Mack!

Monday Evening (Sequoia Trees on Rebecca’s Alley) Oil on canvas, framed 55” x 49.5” $4000

What is her secret? What inspires this prolific, curious, painter?

The spirit of nature, and its’ sacredness, inspires Rebecca Meloy’s art. Rooted in a deep Scandinavian heritage—a descendant of immigrant Finnish farmers, pioneering Norwegians, and many generations of Swedish Lutheran ministers—Rebecca was instilled with a strong connection to the environment, from a young age. Growing up on a small Oregon farm, her most profound childhood memories are of summers full of bountiful food and sun. Her paintings evoke a dreamlike memory playing off the juxtaposition of light and dark found in Oregon farmland of rural Oregon. In 2004, Rebecca presented a one-woman exhibition at the Seattle Nordic Heritage Museum. The body of work was created during an art residency at the Nelimarka Museum in Alajarvi, Finland. During her residency she met dozens of Finnish cousins and visited her grandparent’s childhood farms. Rebecca is a life-long artist and sole proprietor. For eight years she owned and managed Meloy & Company Gallery in Bellingham, WA. She is a landscape designer and master carpenter.

Blaine River Soft Pastel on Conservation Sanded Pape Museum Conservation Framing 38” x 32” $2100

See her work in person at Seattle Des Independants on July 6th. Tickets are free or by donation.

Find her work on line here:



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