Exhibiting Artist at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art: Preeti Raghuveer offers revivalist appeal.

Very pleased to announce that Canadian artist, Preeti Raghuveer will be exhibiting at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art at the Collective.

Her work is refreshing; it can be described as entering the nostalgic period of the fauvist, an exotic world of traditional India, or something completely new.

Preeti works in “art for art’s sake” – both visual and auditory. She is a concert vocalist as well. Her paintings and drawings encompass water, acrylic, oil and pencil sketches. The works on display may be called “revivalist”,

whereby old works of art are re-interpreted in new ways. Preeti uses strong and bright colors. Themes range from synchronization and harmony, rhythm, strength in women, innocence and freedom of expression.

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