Exhibiting Artist at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art: Penny Firehose – An Inspiration on How Art Heal

Ms. Penny loves to laugh, seeks to spread love and kindness through her many community volunteer endeavors and gives generously of her time, talent and resources.  Challenges don’t seem to faze her much anymore, especially after a lifelong struggle with dyslexia, being 75% deaf in her left ear, the effects of child and young adult abuse, and being changed from left to right handed at a young age.  By embracing art, she has helped herself heal and re-train her mind to transform her life. In turn is learning new ways of being, which affords her to live a life more authentically and simplistic.

She has lived in the Pacific Northwest Region of the US for most of her adult life and enjoys the richness of the beauty of the area. She has two sons and three grandchildren.  She currently resides in Tacoma, Washington and works out of her studio in her home.  Most of the underlying themes in her work is a cross between Bob Ross and Donna Dewberry, which has influenced and inspired her to return to her first love… creating art in many forms.

MS Penny has been an artist in one form or another since she was a child.  She has always had a realistic and yet creative view of the world around her.  She is a self-taught artist and loves learning new creative processes and freely embraces new ideas and creative concepts when it comes to her artistic endeavors.

Penny loves to be creatively challenged to keep her mind open and fresh ideas percolating to use and solve problems creatively.  Which is very exciting when she can apply what she has learned over the years in a new discipline or creative medium.  She also uses her artistic talent with her photography to create lasting memories of fleeting moments in hers and other’s lives.

Ms. Penny is best known for her “Flowers in Bloom” glass series. The process is made with up-cycled glass acrylic enamel paint and she procures the glass, porcelain and ceramic through local businesses. This supports her community and keeps many of these items out of landfills and repurposes them for beautiful art pieces when hand painted.

In 2015 she started branching out in her painting endeavors by painting with acrylic paint on canvas.  In 2017 she furthered her art education and artistic growth by purchasing and learning to create her art in digital format on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil.

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