Exhibiting Artist and Author at Seattle des Indépendants Celebration: Anitra Simmons

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

We are excited to announce that Anitra Simmons will be exhibiting her work at Seattle des Independants in person on July 6th. Anitra is a construction business owner, turned writer/author, turned artist.

We are excited to welcome back Anitra for her second exhibition with Paint my Meditation at Gallery Mack! Anitra's art was regarded very well at her first exhibit with us and we wish her continued success! Anitra's art deserves a public eye. Her art is whimsical, charming, and collectible - prompting a position in our Success Story section of our blog here:


Anitra painting in her studio

What makes Anitra's art extra - exceptional is the story behind her creative drive and purpose.

She wrote and published, in early 2018, a memoir titled Embracing Life From Death. Her journey through losing her husband to Glioblastoma, Stage IV brain Cancer, her father to a massive stroke and her daughter to Metastatic Melanoma in twenty-one months changed her life. She started practicing art in 2016, shortly after her husband passed away, with learning Zentangle, a meditative repetitive form of ink drawing for grief therapy. From there, she continued to expand her knowledge and skills in sketching, ink and watercolor. She continues to practice her craft in art and is currently writing her second book.

Anitra's work is available directly on our online shop here: https://www.paintmymeditation.com/anitra-simmons

You can also find Anitra's work on Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/CreativeZenCreations

She is also currently working on making her art available on her new website rethinkdeath.com (which should be completed soon - so stay tuned!)

A photo of Anitra's Studio

All artwork copyright Anitra Simmons

To see her work in person at this exhibition, details, timing and location can be found in the eventbrite ticketing info below. Guest tickets are free or by donation.

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