Do you know how much you matter?

We wanted to take a brief moment to thank our artists and patrons.

And let you know how much you matter. Did you know that by participating in Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art on Jan 19th as an artist or as an attendee, you are helping to sponsor our Art in Autism program.

Here is what you are helping to sponsor!

Community Art Exhibition Sponsorships.  We are sponsoring up to 5 Autistic artists to exhibit or sell their work for free at this event. By participating in this event, you are helping to locate and make this happen for these individuals!

By participating in this event or purchasing tickets,  you are helping to sponsor an autistic-friendly event. That means, that even though this is a pubic event that is open to everyone,  you are helping to sponsor staff training on autism, an autism-friendly designed room for autism families to use if necessary, and accommodating devices to be handed out free of charge at the event! It also includes marketing in order to bring the autistic community awareness for this event and a much needed place to establish connections, acceptance, and inclusion.

Thank you for your contributions!


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