Contemporary Artist Sara Young Exhibiting at Savoir Fair

A warm welcome to artist Sara Young on her upcoming exhibition with Paint my Meditation. Sara will be exhibiting her incredibly creative works at Savoir Fair located at Gray Sky Gallery.

Sara Young’s awareness of what she has lost, even those places, objects and people that she has chosen to lose, is what drives this work. She salvages old wood and works on it with different hand tools until it is more organic in nature.

She attaches it to other pieces of wood and then she layers very thin coats of paint on with a rag. She rubs and burnishes until she feels like the finish has depth and character. When that is done, she makes small needle felted balls and inserts them in to the holes and cracks created at the beginning of the process.

Sara’s hope is that the pieces look like the wood is wearing away and revealing the energy of new life underneath.

While this work is very much about loss, it is Sara’s hope that it is also about the life that comes from the loss all humans must experience. That within the death of things, there is also life.

If you are looking for that contemporary centerpiece for your home or office. We highly recommend coming home with one of Sara’s ingenious pieces.

Tickets are available now.


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