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What a great start to a new year! The first week of Jan 19th we kicked off the new year to a dazzling display at Paint Seattle a Night of Art! After maxing out on two floors of artist spaces, we were able to sponsor some very talented autistic folks to exhibit with us free of charge. We were also able to provide an autism-friendly venue complete with a large autism-friendly room and sensory-friendly venue. So fortunate for some VIPs that showed up to the event like my mentor and friend Rajat Oberoi, founder of Winshuttle Software and board advisor to CoreStack software and many others. I am so grateful to these connections, mentorships, and friendships. Also in attendance our wonderful nonprofit friend Ali, from LIHI nonprofit that helps provide housing to houseless folks (already over 2,000 units and expanding!) - by which we are excited to continue to assist in the near future!

April we were fortunate to bring back Seattle Des Independants hosted at Gallery Mack in Seattle Downtown and we are looking forward to more exhibitions and sponsorships!

But as we move forward into the year, we are looking forward to more and more exciting, innovate ways to help assist artists and extending our reach on a much broader level!

Best Wishes,


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