Artist at Paint Seattle: Katelyn Crowley Harper creates collages out of positive news stories

A true story on the power of positivity -Artist Katelyn Crowley Harper creates collages out of positive news stories – which in turn, ends up on the news!

Meet Katelyn and see her inspiring work in person at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art on Jan 19th.

It all started with a Christmas gift. Months before the holiday season had even begun, my mom expressed repeated sadness at all the tragic headlines on the news and internet. From the devastating fires in California, to shootings, and other tragedies, the news became too saturated with negativity for my mom to bear.

Seeking to show her the positive side of things, I wanted to make her something that would serve as a beacon of hope, light and positivity in her life. I decided to make a paper collage using positive news stories and watercolor as my medium. I then shaped the torn headlines into a sunflower, serving as a metaphor for focusing on positivity (due to the plants ability to move its head so that it always faces the sun). Included in the artwork is a QR code, which directs you to a document with a list of all of the stories used.

My mom, in love with her gift, took to Facebook to share it with friends and family. Not long after, Madison Meyers from ABC News 10 contacted us wanting an interview! And just like that, my gift to my mom became news worthy, landing on Yahoo Lifestyle and on ABC News 10’s evening update! With all the publicity, I began receiving order requests. This spurred me to create Print Painting, an Etsy shop where I can sell and create works of art I truly love.

“The brighter the light, the darker the shadow” — Carl Jung Katelyn Crowley Harper

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