Artist and US Air Force Veteran, Preston Van Boyd Exhibiting at Savoir Fair

We are honored to announce and extend congratulations and a warm welcome to Artist and US Air force Veteran, Preston Van Boyd on your sponsorship to exhibit with us at Savoir Fair hosted at Gray Sky Gallery!

Preston Van Boyd drew from as early as he can remember, but considered himself a hobbyist until the end of his service as a USAF Security Forces member. 

The pivotal point for him was when his first wife was killed in a car accident leaving him as a single father.  Considering, his high deployment status he chose to leave the USAF and be a full-time Dad while pursuing Art. He quickly realized, to develop himself beyond a hobbyist he would have to devote himself to the craftmanship and practice of Artmaking. 

After several years of struggle and searching Preston realized his own distinct style.  One which carries an emotional connection from his hand to the viewer's eye.  Accomplishing his goal of being "after the show my work will be the one, whether you take it home or not, will be the one you remember for the rest of your days."

Preston will be exhibiting his work at Savoir Fair located at Gray Sky Gallery on October 25th, 6 PM.

Purchase tickets to the show here:

Preston's work is also available directly on our website!

Congratulations Preston and we look forward to your exhibition!


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