A Wonderful Mess!

Friday was a great big wonderful mess - in a good way!

We sponsored an art as meditation class at the local homeless shelter. We started off by bringing in some yummies such as donuts, danishes, drinks and an assortment of lunch items.

It is such a treat to paint away with this group of folks. We worked on some very basic pouring techniques and talked for a couple of hours. The best part is getting to know everyone. Such a wonderful, humble group of nice people. We had so much fun painting together and just really letting loose and going with the flow. We laughed and encouraged each other to create freely. Each camper was allowed to use as much paint and canvas as they liked and we just had so much fun painting away!

I'm really an advocate of - no mistakes in art.

A couple of oopsies happened in that a table cloth smudged a painting here and someone accidentally placed an object on someone else's painting there. We discussed how some mistakes are opportunities and went over some tricks that I use in my own art that are quite fun whenever these oopsies happen; like fingerpainting or splashing paint on the canvas, or re-pouring and using gravity to paint for you. Even using found objects to paint in the details - anything goes! The point of the story is to be free, and convert seemingly negative into positive. And use painting as meditation.

I ended up feeling really happy from within when I left the shelter as I always do. And it is not because of the do-gooder effect. It is because I was practicing what I was preaching. I'm not perfect, I always end up learning a lesson whenever I teach at the shelter and that is, I need to practice more of this. More of what I was teaching. How often do we convert negative into positive? How often do we concentrate and focus on the good we have rather than the bad that has happened?

If you would like to volunteer your time to teach art classes at local shelters, contact us anytime!

Also, if you would like to donate to LIHI low income housing institute. They are a nonprofit and will receive funds if you donate. So please look them up!

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