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Ievgeniia Sablina 

Congratulations to our new Featured Artist for the month of September 2019
Ievgeniia Sablina! 


Ievgeniia is a Ukrainian artist born on October 23th, 1989. Since childhood she showed great interest in art. On graduating from a local Art School as an elite member, she joined the Art and Graphics Department at the Kiev Art Institute.

While in Art School, she participated in numerous exhibitions around the world including Canada, Russia, Ukraine and the US.


 Currently her art is being collected all over the world. There are many pleased collectors in the USA, Ukraine, Italy, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Canada, and other countries.


Having a keen interest to serve her country, she completed training and enrolled as an officer with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Her passion, commitment and high performance led her to a promotion as Captain within a short time. After serving the Army for five years, she had an opportunity to travel around the world, understand and appreciate diverse cultures and art forms. Then she moved to the United States.

Now Ievgeniia is a full time artist.


She tried different techniques during her career, but she especially fell in love with oil and acrylic painting on canvas.


Her free-spirited nature inspires her to create bright and delightful pictures.


Having seen the joy her art has given to people, Ievgeniia wants to share the same with art lovers all around the world.

 Her most recent paintings are based upon research on the feminine notion and woman’s position in this world.


Ievgeniia has studied female stereotypes in Western psychology and ancient Eastern traditions to create her own unique cocktail from a combination of the material world values and beliefs on the other dimensions you can only feel - to discover family spirit and role in this world.


Serving in the Peacekeeping department of the Armed Forces and Traveling around the world has greatly contributed to this.

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