Featured Artist of the Month

Eileen Wold 

  We are honored to announce our new featured artist for the month of July: Eileen Wold! 

Eileen's art is impressive and insightful - a unique artistic mastery on environmental consciousness.

Eileen Wold received her MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore and has taught studio and critical theory classes at the college level for over ten years.   


Wold has exhibited her work and lectured at galleries, universities and museums across the country and is a founding member of the online artist publication Black Bucket Essays. 



Her research and artistic practice has examined the political, scientific, and economic systems surrounding energy production and land use.  Her work explores ties between structures of power production in the landscape and the ecology that surrounds them. 

She uses painting and creative interdisciplinary work as a way to question development, shifting climates, and boundaries within the landscapes that surround us. 

Congratulations Eileen on your amazing work, contributions, and accomplishments!

All images copyright © 2019 Eileen T. Wold

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