March Featured Artist: 

Eric Rabena

 We are very blessed to announce our new Featured Artist for the month of March! Eric Rabena! Eric is not just a talented Yoga Instructor, he is a sculptor and the creator of Earth Chimes.

“Earth Chimes are an energetic exploration of, and reverence to, the wisdom, perfection, and impermanence of the earth and all her beauty. 

Earth Chime artist, Eric Rabena, combines earth elements—remnants of trees, animal skulls and horns, and a variety of healing gems and crystals—and binds them together with hemp rope, in a fusion of classical and macramé knots.

Earth Chimes are an extension of Eric’s yoga practice. They are a thoughtful and expansive expression of Conscious Awareness. Eric sculpts pieces that honor the strength, life, and energetic potency of each element.

The Earth Chimes pay respect to the healing properties of the trees, animals, and gems. The elements represent the inevitable cycle of all things manifest: creation, sustaining, and eventually, death and reabsorption back into the whole—back into the nothing that holds everything.”

All images © 2010-2019 Eric Rabena of the Craft, Earth Chimes

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