Founder and CEO Rivkah Singh at Paint Seattle Exhibition and Showcase


Frequently asked questions

Are you licensed?

We are legit! State and City Licensed ! Including the State of Washington, the city of Redmond, and the City of Seattle.

Are you a nonprofit?

No. Originally, we were set up internally and already doing work to be a nonprofit; but after sitting down with attorneys, we had to make the decision to go LLC or nonprofit officially. Due to the nature of dealing with artists and artwork, the legalities associated with artwork + nonprofits means that in order to do and help who we want to, we need to be private. For example, in our type of model, according to the attorney, if we went nonprofit, the artwork would be owned by the government and we were not OK with that. We felt that would not be OK for us or our Artists. But that’s cool, because now we can focus on maximizing our efforts on helping out as many people as we want to freely – from vetted nonprofits doing outstanding work, to Artists, to the houseless, etc. etc. etc.

Are there any restrictions such as gender to become an online Featured Artist?

All are welcome to submit their work regardless of gender, race, disability, orientation, religion, sect, parental status, marital status, or creed. As the purpose of the Featured Artist tool is to help promote the work of Professional Artists, as in any application, we have certain guidelines.

Are you a buddhist organization?

NO. We are not affiliated with any religion. We are open to anyone from all walks of life and Faiths! All are welcome. All are accepted. Zero proselytizing and 100% tolerance.

Will there be food at this exhibition?

Yes! It is on the house while supplies last. Enjoy, non-alcoholic beverages, desert items, fine cheese, light Hors D’Oeuvres and Displayed Appetizers.

I am an autistic/disabled artist. Can I have a surrogate represent me at this exhibition, if I cannot be there in person?

Yes! You can have a surrogate represent you at the exhibition. If you do not have one, we can appoint one.

Do I have to sell tickets to exhibit at your Events like “Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art? Or Seattle Des Independants?

No. We manage events, market, and sell tickets so that our artists can concentrate on what they do best – sell or exhibit their art!

Are your events and exhibitions for all ages?

Typically Yes. However, sometimes our Premium Showcase Exhibitions have a cash bar and those are for ages 21 + (and you will be IDed), Rock climbing is for ages under 21. Minors under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Check the Eventbrite ticket info for the age requirement.

Do you provide Autism Friendly Events?

Yes! We are proud to offer an event that is Autism and Sensory friendly! This means, + No strobe or flashing lights, private rooms, multiple floors with varying activities if music is not your cup of tea + Ear plugs provided free of charge + No noise makers or clappers handed out at the event + Understanding, trained staff.

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