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Welcome to Paint my Meditation

Paint my meditation offers art exhibition services, artist marketing, and professional client services. We have all the services and resources you need as an artist in one location.

Paint my meditation is an art organization for both artists and art lovers. Inquire about art rentals, classes, and events.

About Us

What is Paint my Mediation? It is simple!


We are the artist's agency!

If you are a professional artist seeking an art agency - we have you covered! Paint my meditation offers exhibition services, artist marketing, and professional client services. 


We have all the services and resources you need as an artist in one location. 

Our History, Our Future


Paint my meditation began as a group devoted to providing and promoting art as meditation for a happy , healthy, human culture. As part of this continued mission, we promote artists and their art for art's sake. Art was always more to us than aesthetic appeal; we value art as a form of healing. We began promoting artists online and through small exhibitions in order to sponsor community art as meditation classes. Since its conception, Paint my Meditation has evolved into a service for artists and art lovers alike. And we are proud to serve the community at large. When you book our events, classes, or services, you are helping to support our efforts in promoting accessible art as meditation classes and  artist sponsorships.

Our Client Services. What we do and why we do it




It is simple. We know that being an artist is hard work.  Nowadays, artists spend more time marketing their work then they do on the easel. With so many options

online to market, sell, and promote their craft, we aim to make that process as easy as possible by providing every resource an artist needs in one location. 


Our Mission

We believe in art's remarkable healing power. 

It is our mission to provide free marketing and exhibition services for Autistic Individuals and US Military Veterans to Sell and Exhibit their art completely free of charge. When you purchase or rent our art, attend an event, or participate as an artist in our exhibitions, you are funding our efforts to provide a platform of  hope, confidence,  and a method of sustenance for our sponsored artists.

An Autism Art Exhibit at Paint Seattle 2019

Artist Victor Ramirez 

Exhibit by Ekaterina Santiago at Paint Seattle 2019

Contact us for professional, quality art rental services. Several leasing options available for original art, prints, installations, and unique decor.  Contact us with a specific request and we will make sure to find the right artist for you.


Aya Maguire, Artist, Singer, and Songwriter

A big thank you to Rivkah Singh at Paint my Meditation for selecting me as the featured artist for the month of September. Art has always been very healing to me and I love that these guys are working to make art and meditation an accessible part of people’s lives. They will be offering classes in Seattle and also do outreach with houseless folks so give them a like!

Zoee, Artist

It is such a pleasure to be interviewed by Paint my Meditation. Art has such a great healing and inspiring power that I hope more and more people can take advantage of it, which is also their vision and mission. I’m so glad I got the chance to contribute to it.

Joseph, Client

Thanks goes out to our new friends @PaintmyMeditation and the help and great instructions on how this program works. Much peach!

Sara, Artist

Your doing great work and I’m inspired by your vision for the art community

Kristin Reed, Artist

Paint my Meditation is such a wonderful company! They do great work for local artists and for the community as a whole. Personally, I am a self taught artist that always dreamed of showing my work one day but never knew how to get started. Rivkah was so kind and helpful, and made my first showing fun, easy and manageable. I can't wait for their next event! Thank you so much for the work that you do.

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